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There are few joys greater in life than finding a band that makes music you love
about a subject you're passionate about. Enter Kawir. The Athens based Pagan-
Black Metal band has been exploring Greek mythology, literature, and mysteries
for 30 years or thereabouts, and no other band really captures the essence of
those stories and times the same way.

But we get ahead of ourselves. Kawir formed in the Greek black metal scene of
the 90s and ,while the scene has always been very supportive, it was an
extremely tough scene in which to stand out . In 1993 alone releases like Rotting
Christ's "Thy Mighty Contract," Varathron's "His Majesty At The Swamp" and
Necromantia's "Crossong The Fiery Path" were released. But Kawir buckled
down and faced this challenge. First with 1994's "Eumenides" ( from the Greek
"Ευμενιδες ", an epithet of the Erinyes) and second with their seminal debut LP
“Προσ Κάβειρους (To Cavirs)” (from the Greek "Προς Κάβειρους" literally to or
towards Cavirs) in 1997. "To Cavirs" and its 1999 followup, "Epoptia" (from the
Greek "Εποπτεια," which translates roughly as "Providence") were early proofs
of Kawir's strength in channelling the grandeur of Greek mythology into black
metal. From those early days the band stressed an immersive authenticity that
they still very much exemplify today. They stress it by remaining connected to it
- that nature, those spirits are not just in the past.

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